Sunday Sketches

Hi, someone told me about this really neat thing that is out on blogspot. And I simply love the idea! So here I am sharing my sunday sketches with you :)
THIS is the link to the main page of Sunday Sketches:

CLICK the pictures TO VIEW LARGER :)

It's a collection of ACEO cards. They measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches. 
This collection is about Mermaids. I LOVE mermaids and I think they are simply a great everlasting theme that will always have fans!

Right now I am showing you 6 cards, one is fully done, the next is outlined and the rest is just sketches out. 
There will be altogether 10 cards in this collection. 
It will be available only in its original form, no prints will come afterwords. 

If you'd be interested - they will be coming up on ebay. Here is the first one -

Have a good and blessed week everyone! :)


  1. Hi Kate! These are soo cute! I love the vibrant colors you used and this theme is everlasting, you are right! thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments.


  2. Hello,
    How lovely that you are joining is!! Your arts are wonderful. Mermaids do capture our imagination and attention. Lovely that you are selling originals, that is personally what I enjoy purchasing!

  3. Thank you so much!! :) I didn't really expect comments this quickly :)
    I am truly glad you like them! I will post the finished versions soon!

  4. Awesome mermaids!love the colors! good to find tou at Sunday Sketches! so fun! Hope you will continue to join us there!

  5. Just simply wonderful. The coors are fabulous!

  6. Hi Kate, welcome to the world of Sunday Sketches. It's a really fun atmosphere to share tidbits of your work, and enjoy the work of other artists.

    Your pieces are so vibrant - the colors are wonderful. I am following along, look forward to seeing more of your painting.

  7. Hi Kate,
    Welcome Sunday your mermaids they are so bright and cheerful.

  8. Welcome to Sunday Sketches! Love mermaids. One of my favorite things. And vibrant colors.

  9. Kate, so glad you joined us in Sunday Sketches. I just love your mermaids!


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