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Art as a Relaxation Technique

We all come to moments when exhaustion and the feeling of being completely overwhelmed are bigger than anything. We want to be able to relax and regain our senses, but if a way to do that hasn’t been presented to us, it can be hard to think one up. For some people, a way to relax is through meditation, petting an animal, for some through watching TV, or it can be listening to music, even cleaning, or physical exercise, a walk in nature, intentional photography, or through being creative. Let’s talk about how art can help you relax!
If you consider yourself an artist, you already know how soothing it can be to sit down to your artwork and get to it. If you are not an artist, but are considering art, let me explain what creating art does to a person.
1. It stops your thoughts – that’s right. Somehow, when your mind is overwhelmed with bunches of thoughts, drawing stops the thinking process. Your brain focuses on the hand-eye coordination and not on solving other problems, which is …
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ACEO - a Little Format for Big Artwork

ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. The Artwork always has to measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches but isn't limited to a specific medium or subject. So if you can think it and create it, do it on this format and you might even sell it, because this format has collectors' eyes on it!
HOW I GOT TO ACEOsI started creating ACEOs a few years ago. After I moved to the States, I started exploring the waters as an artist and found out many cool things about what an artist can do in America. When I came across ACEOs, I was hooked and I only wished I started a lot earlier when there was a big boom and they were so popular that almost anything you created was sold! I always loved drawing miniatures and so this became a very fun way to create something intriguing and I knew it could have great value. In the past I created several series, some of which were more popular and sold almost instantly (like Watercolor Mermaids, or Colored-pencil Parakeets, or Marker Puppy and Kitty series), an…

Art, Language and Teaching Opportunities

Watercolors, Illustrations, ACEOs, lots of Czech and English language, lots of energy at home and major lack of sleep. How can all of that exist together! This has been one serious week!


I continued The Girl and her Cat series and got as far as 5 illustrations. (showing the 5th one here. For the other ones, check out this post) After that, I needed a little break, but I will get back to it and create more pieces.

I took one morning to get back to one of my favorite styles, which is pure line art, and drew a Spring-inspired portrait! And I really do love this! 

(I love this style so much that I actually created a whole coloring book last year and if you like coloring and you are a mother or have a mother or a mother friend, this book is for you! It also has a section of encouraging Bible verses. It's called Treasure of the Heart and you should check it out!) ;)

Then yesterday I thought, wow, I haven't painted any ACEOs in a really long time! And unlike the usual theme which wou…

The Girl and her Cat - a Watercolor Illustration Series, and some valuable artist encouragement!

Hi everyone! 
After my last post, I am happy to share with you this emerging series about a little girl and her pet cat. This has been so much fun! Even though there isn't a written story behind it, these are inspired by my own childhood that was truly filled with lots of fun adventures with pets. Making time to sit down and paint wasn't always that easy this week though. With kids being done with sickness and going back to kindergarten, then getting sick again, and my husband's dad flying in from the US to spend several days with us, it has really been something.

How has your week been? How much time were able to give to art? Did you post about it anywhere where I could see? Let me know!

Why this series
There were a couple reasons behind this series. 

1. It's easy to paint because it's connected to fun memories. And this girl is the kind of a character that I happen to draw a lot, and even though she doesn't look completely like me when I was a kid, I kind of assoc…

How to be a Good Artist when you're completely Eclectic

I am an artist. I love art. I love all the different styles, techniques, mediums. They inspire me, they challenge me, they grow me. But many times I was told that I can't do all of it if I want to be a good artist. 
That really confused me. I wanted to be a good artist, but I didn't want to give up everything that I love to do, and only pick one niche. Like, which one is it going to be? Am I going to focus only on portraits? Or only on cartoons? Or fashion designs? I love painting with watercolors too! Oh and don't get me started on realistic line art! Oh, and did you know there was this cool technique called Zentangle? I have to try that out too! Oh, guess what - I really love doing that too! Oh gosh... I am completely all over the place. This can't be good for my portfolio! How will I attract viewers? And more importantly, how will I keep them coming back, if the next time they come, they will see something completely different than what they "signed up" for…

Selfie Art Series and various techniques

Welcome back! I recently restarted my Youtube channel and doing an art series has been real fun. And I decided to do selfies because that gives me enough freedom to pick the pose, the expression, the lighting... and to make it more interesting, I am using different mediums and techniques. I record as I draw and then share them as fun speed-drawing videos. Here are the portraits I've done so far. 

Congratulations! You've made it through!
But really, thank you for coming and checking this all out!

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Have you heard of Paint Party Friday? It's a fun way to be connected with other artists, cheer each other on and look forward to all the art-filled Fridays ahead!

With the warmest greetings possible at this time in March,


Live Art for a Devotional meeting

I decided to return to my blog with a special post. We are having summer camps here in the Czech Republic, and my mother-in-law shared her testimony and an encouragement from the Bible last night to a group of our girl volunteers. Anxiety is something that a lot of us struggle with, and often it is hard to talk about it. It could be because we are embarrassed or uncomfortable to admit it, to share about it, and are worried about what people are going to think as to - why we actually struggle. I really appreciate talking openly about such things. So when my mother-in-law asked me if I could illustrate a specific Bible verse in a live-art session while she shares with the group, I was really excited and said yes. The meeting was very uplifting, and in the end, some of the girls started opening up to us. So I would like to share this illustration with you all as well. Feel free to print out and colour it in, or share with a friend. (However it is not meant for redistribution and if you a…