Greetings from Wilmington, DE

Hi everyone! Sorry for not being around for such a long time. You might be wondering why I wasn't active on here AT ALL.

Well, as some of you may know, my hubby and I lived in Florida last year. At the beginning of this past summer, we moved up to Delaware, and for four months lived at his parents' house and were working on renovating a small house that was offered to us for low rent (all this was such a blessing!). Now, we've been in our new home for a little over a week. It's been wonderful and so rewarding after all the hard work that had to be put into it.
(I will share pictures with you soon!)

So, not being able to unpack my art for four months, you can probably understand that it was quite difficult to just work. Now, slowly I am getting everything out off the boxes and looking forward to really get back into it all! (and also, I just really have to, because I am getting some wonderful Christmas orders and I don't want to keep my customers waiting).

From the little bit that I've done so far (being limited, I worked some on my drawing tablet... for that I really needed only a paper to sketch, camera to take a picture, and then my laptop and the tablet to work it all out), I can show you these few vector illustrations.

Owls playing Stare down

Kids arguing over whose turtle is faster and setting up a race to prove it!
The Violin Player

And I am getting back to custom portraits...

And for I'm preparing these offers (some are active already).

Painted Ornaments

Painted Stones

Painted Shells

Painted Wooden Plaques (various shapes available)

So that's about what is in my offer and I am looking forward to pull out everything I need to get into this! Please, pray that this is possible very soon and I can start working full time. (or at least part time). Thank you :)

And if you are interested in owning a piece like some of those I showed you, feel free to contact me! Kate(dot)art(at)live(dot)com

Have a great day, and a great rest of the week!
Love you all!



  1. The horses are my favorites but all your art is beautiful. Good luck in your new home. My daughter also lives in Wilmington!


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