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I am back!!!! ...and bringing some treats :)

Hi everyone, this summer has been so busy! We moved from Florida to Delaware, and we've been working on renovating this one house where we intend to live for the next couple of years :) And as you can imagine, being still jobless, and money still flowing out, it hasn't been easy and we kind of need help... :/

So if you like some of my new things and wouldn't mind helping through purchasing some of them - and even better, spreading the word - we would greatly appreciate it...

Here are some of the things I am really into...

Custom portraits of you and family or friends.. :) When you click, it will take you to my page where you can find out more about these deals. 
Mini portraits are one of my little treats for you. Drawn pretty quickly (so that you can have them in one day when you order) and I will send them to your email. You can print them out, or you can post them on your facebook... As simple as that :)

My Puppy series is still running! There are many many many drawings (all originals) to pick from! Please take a look at the store section here. 

This right here is my newest addition!!! As I went to one beach in New Jersey and found sooo many of these, I couldn't resist and brought a lot of them home to paint them. I am starting of with what fits sea shells the best - beach themes. Take a note on how large these are! And they are very sturdy and I think that a chance of breaking is extremely low. They will make a beautiful addition to any beach-lover's collection! Click to see the offer on my ebay. 

And last but not least. :)

I have these little stones available online too. And they are (I  sure hope) a good price :) Click to see!


  1. Hello Kate!

    It's so good to see what you are into, wonderful art! I especially love the pencil sketching, fabulous work!

    Paintings on rocks are adorable!

    Keep on creating, I'll be back!



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