New Paintings for FFR

I call them the "B" kittens. I believe they are siblings as they have same date of birth and pretty look quite alike :)
Their names are Brady, Bradley and Bethany.  Cute cute kittens!

This German Shepherdess is called Persephone. Beautiful name! 

This kitty looked a bit shy and frightened. His name is Rocky. Isn't he absolutely wonderful?
.I know I am talking like this about my PAINTINGS.. or so it seems, but I really have the real animals in mind. You can see them all here:
Make sure to check it out! They need help and lots of love!
If you want to help by donations, you can do that at their website or by purchasing prints of these beauties at:


  1. This is wonderful what you are doing Kate! Hope you make lots of money for the rescue center. We adopted our dog a few years back from Happy Hound Rescue.

  2. Very cute two kittens and the kitten, with very attractive colors. Greetings.

  3. :) I love them and I love that you are helping this way Kate!!! *HUGS*


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