Time to go. (moving again)

Good thursday morning to you all! :)
   I thought that I should share this with you too. My hubby and I have lived in Pensacola, FL for the past 10 months, now it's time for us to move again. We were here for Nate's college, he was finishing up his bacherol's degree in pastoral and ministeral studies, and he graduated - successfully!!! :) Praise God! I know that it was a hard year for him too as it was for me - for him doing school and going to work and trying to also be with me (love him!!!) and for me - being cut away from almost all society and at home, at home, at home. lol. Well we are to move to Delaware which I am really looking forward to! If everything goes well, we will gain a great place to live. It still needs some work done on it before we can move into it, but it's basically a 2+1 WITH an attic that will do great as my studio! It's so exciting! Oh and the house is in a pretty neighbourhood (in my opinion) and has a quite large backyard, which also makes me pretty happy. Two reasons - I want to have a little garden and grown tomatos etc, but also - if we have a dog, or if I foster puppies, it will provide the right type of space! :)
   Otherwise, the real reasons I am looking forward to this move are - Nate's family right there and his amazing church. It will be really wonderful and I can't wait for all the people. I never had a chance to spend much time in that area but I already have good friends there. It will be so great to meet up! :)

   So, I might not be able to blog or anything else for a couple of weeks. Our move is on June 6th, so it's coming really close. We have moved most of our things when Nate's parents came for his graduation, they brought a van and took almost everything from us, lol. THANK YOU!!

   If you find a moment and the will to pray for us, we will appreciate it very much! :)
(please, pray for our move, and that we both find jobs. There are a few places near where we'll live that I could maybe work at, and as they are short distance that I could go there by bike, it would be the best. We won't have two cars and I can't drive anyway lol. I just finished an application for PETco. That would be really nice if it turned out. If not, hopefully something else around there. If nothing turns out even this time, I will stay home, work on my piano skills, song-writing, singing, and my ever-art) So... whatever turns out to be the reality, will be great and worth it. All of it just needs prayers.

Have a great thursday and then a great weekend, everyone!
God bless you!


  1. Hi Kate. Good luck on your move and yes a prayer to find work is definitely a plus. Congrats on your husbands graduation and on to bigger things. Would love to see pix of your new place once you get settled.
    Sendind good vibes for you and yours to find jobs quick. Take care.

  2. Best of luck with the move and in your new endeavors. Prayers sending positive thoughts your way.

  3. Thank you, ladies. I appreciate that :)

  4. Hi Kate, sorry been away for a bit. Congrats to your Hubbs graduation and wish you both in the next phase of your lives! The house sounds like a wonderful new start! Wishin you a safe, speedy move, and I will pray that you both find good jobs. All The Best!


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