Help me CHOOSE the topics for Illustrations

Hi everyone, I am getting more into illustrating books, but as I am deciding what kind of images I should prepare to show the publishers, I would like you to help me here :) Please, post some comments and list some ideas, either already exisiting stories, or just your ideas for a few scenes with one same character (for example a puppy in 3 different scenes, or a giraffe, or three colored kittens... it can be just about anything).

I will look through and choose. And obviously post!!! If everything turns out really good, I will give you a little reward;) ( a treat from my shop )

Alright, lets brainstorm!!! :D


  1. I know that children seem to be fascinated with anything fantasy
    animals dressed as people?

  2. Thanks, Sue! :) I will consider them!

  3. I think an elephant story would be adorable.
    Maybe a story about an elephant that thinks he is smaller than he really is and has trouble making friends because whenever he is invited to their "nest" or "hole" or "den" he can't fit.
    Can't think of a turning point or ending yet, but that's where you take over!

  4. I'm not a writer so can just give ideas. I think something that teaches a child a life lesson or social skill is always good along with learning abc'c or numbers. I also think Jimmy would make a cute story.

  5. Hi Kate,

    When my husband and I were traveling in Venice Italy we happened across a grandmother and 8 year old grandaughter. Grandmother had been reading the girl a book about Venice since she was a baby, promising a trip to Venice when she was old enough. They were going to each illustration in the book and taking a photo to attach next to the illustration. We loved the idea so much we're planning on taking our grandson to the Galapagos Islands when he's eight.

    Just thought it'd make neat books to do cool locations for children to visit with a spot for a photo.

    What do you think?


  6. Thank you, ladies. Definitely something to think about. Sheila, the elephant idea sounds really great! :)

    I might happen to make a few 3pic samples for a few ideas, then I'm going to post them all here and you might help me choose the final :)

  7. You have some great ideas so far! I love the Jimmy the Sheep art and think it would make great stories! Like Pooh, the options are limitless!

    Something totally different... I love reading the 'Rainbow Fish' to my kids. It's a good lesson in sharing and they love the foil and colors. They like anything with fish!

    I think young kids like dark backgrounds with bright colors that pop against it! Just my observations.

    Good luck!!


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