Sunday Sketches - Dedicated to Prayer

Hi everyone..

I made some bookmarks concerning the happenings in Libya. Please, take a look.

By clicking the FIVE and the colored version of the Soldier, you will be taken to my shop where you can purchase these.

I believe we are all aware of what is happening right now in Libya. If not, please look at the news, BBC has a lot of information. 

These are bookmarks or prayer cards that measure 2 x 7.5 inches. 
I painted the soldier. (watercolor)
The bookmarks are printed on 110lb acid free card paper. 
The back side is black lined so that you can add your own specific prayer items. 
There is a verse on the front side that I believe speaks for itself. 

I believe that if there is to be peace, it is achievable most by these people to get saved and know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Change of a heart of men like these will strike everyone, their testimony would surely have value! I believe that God doesn't want war, but will act according to His will in these things also. He is on the Throne after all. 
I believe that He wants all people to come to know the truth, and among these I am sure it's the leaders, and the soldiers, just as the citizens. 

Lets pray together! You see, it is not only up to those who decided to move and act, it is also up to us. I believe God wants us to pray. We ought to love people. And if we love God, we should think of those who are in war. Those who are its victims and also those who are behind it. 

Have a good and a blessed day everyone. And lets unite in prayers. (!)


  1. A wonderful sketch, a prayer for peace, and a desire for the unsaved to be saved makes a powerful post on this Sunday.

  2. Beautiful sketch and thoughts! I will join you in prayer. xoxo

  3. Very nicely done. I will also join you in prayer for the people of that country.

  4. Great idea for a bookmark, let's hope the Libyans find peace.

  5. Really nice watercolor! Good idea for the bookmark, there too. I agree, wishing the people of libya peace...have a great night!

  6. These are lovely, Lybia too is in our prayers - what a crazy world - one country doing everything they can to save there people, another spending as much effort to eradicate their own. May their be peace.

  7. This is a beautiful sketch and fantastic painting. It is a shame what is happening over there. I am wishing for peace to come there soon.

  8. Beautiful work, hoping for peace too!

  9. Gosh, Kate. This is absolutely brill!! Wow! I love every part of this real...full of emotion...nice job! :)

  10. your art is wonderful and your heart is even more so, such a lovely thing you have created here.

  11. Hello Kate!

    Love your art and your inner generosity is heart-warming!

    Thank you, also for visiting my blog and the nice comments regarding my birds.

    Creating is so much fun (we both know this!)

    all best wishes ~~carolynn

  12. Love the generouos thoughts to share help with what is going on. Great artwork too.


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