Save this puppy! :(

I know this is kind of crazy... I fell in love with this little chihuahua guy but I am on the other side of the continent! If I could, I would find an animal transporter to get him to me, but I am under restrictions in this apartment and dunno how I could take care of him.
His time is running out really soon and he is in URGENT need of home!!!

Please, look at the link and if you know anyone from the area, CONTACT them immediately! even if they only foster him and not adopt him. Somehow even after seeing soooo many other animals in shelters - this one just totally got me and I am heartbroken for him...

his name is Ken and he is a pure breed chihuahua with a deer shaped head, he's about 3-4months old and weights 8lb. . He is absolutely ADORABLE!!

Cutest and most unfortunate puppy :( (if nobody saves him from being euthanised....)

PS: if you can't get him yourself, YOU CAN GET HIM FOR ME!!!! :D


  1. I want!! Silly apartment restrictions :/ I am in the same boat and planning on getting a pup when I move this summer. I hope he finds a good home soon!

  2. Thanks Brigitte. I sure hope so too! And good luck with moving:)

  3. Awwww!!!!!! I hope that he found a home! *HUGS*


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