Hope in a new project for Animal Rescue donations

Hi, I've had this on my mind for quite a while, and honestly, it was The Willow Goose blog that somehow brought this idea and I just couldn't but to go for it! Wish me luck, cause I want to press on with this! :)

I was looking at the Furry Friends Rescue page and was thinking "man, if I could only help..." but I cannot adopt or foster a pet :( our apartment restrictions don't allow us. So I figured I could go for donating! And how? Through ART! My idea is to paint animals from places like FFR, sell prints of these paintings on etsy and from these sales donate to help. ALSO I want to use this to bring the issue of unwanted and abused animals closer to people and give them a chance to know the individual stories. That way they will know that if they buy, they will also help financialy. OR, they will donate something AND get something in return :)

I am really thinking about making this a little "campaign" of mine. I have been looking at different animal rescue sites and wrote a couple of them about this. I am still waiting for an answer but I simply can't wait and I'm so excited! :) Once things start picking up, the whole campaign idea will be presented to you in a visible way (of design and description.....which will probably include something of what I wrote here).

Here I present to you a few portraits that I painted in these last two days. I have to admit I love them myself :) and hope that people will love them too - enough to buy a print. My idea is basically to sell two sizes - ACEO (2.5x3.5 in) and 5x7 in cards. My originals are watercolor paitings on 5x7. I might come with other formats too, or make something else, like... bookmarks or so. There are probably quite a few things that can be done.

What I want to achieve through this? There are probably many people like me - LOVE animals, but don't have an option of adopting or helping otherwise. So donation is a way to go, but not everybody even does that. I think that by giving something to people in return might be helpful. They will like the art (i hope lol) and they will be touched by the story. They will want to keep something like it close and they will also know that the buy was worth much more, because people who devote their time to these animals, are not really funded by the government (in most cases as I know). Donations are more than appreciated. They are needed!
So that's why I figured I could do something purposeful with my art. What do you think? Would you buy?

Blitzen - this poor puppy has one eye blind and the other needs emergancy surgery. FFR are raising funds for this. You can see more by visiting their page. (use the link above)

Finnigan is some chihuahua mix. Very cute little guy!

This is Sophia, pitbull terrier. She was absolutely adorable and I just had to paint her!

Sugar is a cute and chubby white cat. She was also cute as I saw the picture of her sitting and looking like a bunch of fluff :)
So.. here they are. The two on the top are from FFR. The other two are from here.
I will be painting more and more cause I can't get enough of them. And hope I will be allowed by the organizations to use them for this purpose! :)


  1. Love these cards!! And for such a good cause :) I bet you will be really successful with the selling and the donating!


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