St. Patrick's Day is coming..:)

Hi again :)

For a couple of days I really had this idea in my mind, I am not sure how original it is, but I loved it. So - here it is!!

I made two cards for the occasion. One saying Happy St. Patrick's Day, and the other - Kiss me, I'm Irish!
I think the second one just goes perfectly with it, because I chose the Irish Setter. I love the breed! :D

Anyway, here they are, and they are available online on:
I will make also a pack of a few for a better price - who doesn't like good deals? :)

Thanks for viewing! Please, leave a comment :)


  1. Looks adorable, great work on the expression and coloring! ^^

  2. Love it Kate! The dog with the shamrock in his mouth is adorable!


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