Bday Cake for Hubby :)

Hey peps, it's my hubby's Bday today!! we celebrated with some friends last night as it was possible for most of them. I want to share my little minor happiness - this was my first time EVER making a birthday cake. And it's the first colorful one too :)) In the Czech republic, we mostly do the chocolate colors, here in the States, people love colors and have A LOT of supplies for this too! So I took advantage of it:) and had fun!:D


  1. It looks fantastic! My own hub is a high school soccer coach and all around fanatic -- I'll have to keep this cake in mind next time his b-day rolls around ;-)

  2. haha sounds awesome :) my hubby is a big fan but is a great player too and does great at coaching also. He's simply very gifted :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your Hubby! That is a very fun and colorfulcake :)


    p.s. When I was a kid I spent a month in Czechoslovakia (in the late 1980's) - my friend's family lived there... I had such an amazing time there... I have such great memories of it!!!

  4. That sounds pretty cool!:) I am glad you liked it there:) I can't wait to go back! :D

    And thanks for the comment on the cake :)


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